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BIG EDIT: February Ninth, get your wallets ready!


FOR THE TAIL PROMOTION! ;D Picture compliments of denkimouse's twitter!

It's already halfway through the first month of the New Year, I hope everybody is doing well! I have no exciting updates on my part, so instead, let's focus on the exciting releases we're getting! (Dunsparce! :D)

2013 Tear-Off Calendar! It'll contain daily idioms, phrases, and proverbs - so you can learn together with Pokemon! And a cardboard desk and chair set!


The Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara's:

130118_gd02_pic01 130118_gd02_pic02
130118_gd02_pic03 130118_gd02_pic04

EDIT: Additional Kyun Chara underneath the shiny cut!

kyun kyun!Collapse )

And last, but not least, My Pokemon Branpresto releases! (January and February, respectively.)

130118_gd01_pic03 february set

EDIT: Actually, there are a bunch of upcoming Branpresto releases. GO THE SITE TO CHECK OUT THE REST OF THEM BY CLICKING HERE! Or check under the cut for the laziness. Including some old-news Eeveelu releases, starter releases (Water Starters in February!), and figures! *u* My apologies if any of this has been announced, I did check the info tag but am not sure if everything was there. :x 

january: grass starters, subway masters, and jolteon & flareon... february: leafeon & glaceon, kyun chara gen 1 eeveelution"s, and water startersCollapse )

Anyway, comm members! What are you the most excited about this year, thus far? (Aside from Generation 6!) I'll personally be looking out for a Volcarona and Archen plush from Branpresto! Although I am curious to see the cardboard desk.
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