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Update on a collection *cough*totallynotobsessedwithesethings*cough*

So yeah, I'm like totally not obsessed with collecting these things, sadly in the last few days I let a few slip through my hands and missed offering on them, but I'm still happy with the ones I have, and I'm still looking to collect one of each type (Though I'm happy at getting doubles to trade with others)

And I'm thinking about making a trade thread on my LJ page, and just having it handy with anyone who's interested in trading any of their swing charms

But anyways, enough with my ranting, this is an update on my collection (Started at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012)



And a big thanks to the people who I Can remember off the top of my head for selling me either one or two charms, or even all of the ones they had listed

Big thanks to: Caffwin (Entei), poke_zula (Like 15 of them), and Puyro (Nine of them)
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