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A dedicated Col-lection...

Ah! we meet again, PKMN Collectors!
Agent Spectre reporting in with an actual collection post of all things! I died for a bit and should have made this post back in October, but better late than never I suppose! I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can. I've expressed before that as many years as I have been collecting Pocket Monsters, I've rarely had a focus. I love monsters, it is nigh impossible for me to keep my head on straight round so many delicious creatures. That's where the very grey and very quirky Colress comes in.  I don't particularly care for humans, but this one caught my eye and resonated with me on a level I'm still baffled by (that does seem to be one of his themes after all). This is my first fully focused collection in the world of Pokemon, and I'm very pleased about how ideal it is.

Sadly haven't had the time to take new pictures since OCTOBER! Still, I wanted to sneak this late post in before Plasma Storm comes out an makes these old collection pics irrelevant.  I'm also waiting till I get my collection pages up before I take individual pics of everything but here's a thrown together rundown with terribad quality pics:

"It looks like you"re ready, then! OK! Let us begin!"Collapse )

Anyway, to end the post I just want to quickly say, I love Genesect. He is fast becoming one of, if not my current favorite Pokemon. I used him as my starter for Black2 and am waiting in anticipation for the onslaught of merch the movie will bring. I'm still trying to get my claws on some of the stuff that was recently released. >_> Anyone already have a good Genesect collection yet? :3
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