Ben (benl416) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi! New Member here :) / Pokemon Power!

Hi Everyone!

I stumbled across this site just by googling old school pokemon stuff! I've been looking for a lot of the older generation pokemon stuff, mainly because it was my childhood and I miss it! I'm very excited to be here, it seems like a really active community and I just love seeing all the stuff you guys have for sale!

I guess the main reason why I'm here is because I'm look for some old Pokemon magazines that I used to have here in Australia. I think they came out of a TV Hits magazine. I remember all the kids at school were buying the mag and tossing it out because they just wanted the Pokemon mag! haha. They were called Pokemon Power and they had stuff about the game Red and Blue and a comic in it. I only had the first issue but now I don't even know where that has gone. So I'm looking for any of the issues and I'm willing to buy all of them!

This is a pic of them I found on google:

It's nice to meet you all and Thanks if you can help me out! :D
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