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Collection Update of Sorts

Hello everyone! I just realized that I've been here since September and have never had a collection post (oh noes!!) While I lack a camera, I have taken some shots of various things with my cell phone. This is by no means a complete collection post, but it's a start, and has some of my recent gets :D
There are a BUNCH of pics under the cut (8), just warning for those afraid of their browser dying...

So I recently placed an order from Sunyshore. I was so stoked that Raichu got a Pokedoll. It was hard to resist buying a mountain of them. My wallet coerced me into only getting one though...
Meet Tater. Like mashed potaters :p
He knows how cute he is. Oh yes he does.

Here's Tater chillin' next to the Pikachu from the recent Patchwork Plush series. Pikachu isn't actually part of my collection. I got it for my best friend's newborn baby girl. With nerdy parents and me for her honorary Aunt, she is gonna be the coolest kid on the block with all her awesome swag :D

Also got the beautiful card binder from the recent Eevee promotion. It's so well made. And pretty. Oh god I love it so.

Here's a shot of the back artwork. I just love their poses and the artwork from this promotion in general

Next up are these little cuties from areica96's recent Nintendo World pickups. They're so cuddly and soft. I love them :)

I was recently on vacation at Disney and stopped by Epcot a few (3!) times. I just couldn't resist the life size Minccino plush. Oh he's so perfect. Not as hug-able as I'd originally thought he'd be, but so soft and well made. I need to think of a name for him...

I also received some zukan recently. I love the quality of zukan and how they are all in scale to each other. Here's Arceus next to Eevee (such a difference in size!)
Thanks again tofu256!

I also got my 2 Golurk zukan last night. I thought something was wrong when I realized that their arms were pose able, but they have the 1/40 on their foot so i guess it's right. They are fun to pose, oh yes :D

So that's all for now. I have so many wonderful items since joining this community back in September. Once I snag a camera and have some time, I'll be sure to take pictures. Probably line up all the plush on my bed and get an actual place to put my figures. Ahh time, why is there so little of you?
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