haybuddyy (haybuddyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wants SKITTIES & more + sales plug.

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for that elusive Mareep.
Any Mareep plush. c: She's so cute.

Also looking for a Houndour Pokedoll. >___<

Ohhh so hard to find.

And my main wants: SKITTY PLUSHIES.
I recently bought a 3 plush lot on eBay for $10 shipped, which included a Skitty 'grabby' plush! She has metal inside her, and her arms are 'bendable' to where you can attach her to anything. She's currently hugging the base of my lamp. SO CUTE. I'll probably post a gets post later on this week. xD

SO! I'm loking for any Skitty plush you might have, regardless of condition!

Also have small sales here:
Need to get rid of everything, so haggling is welcome. o3o

Hve a great weekend everyone!
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