Sparkly Sylveon (brittanylischka) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sparkly Sylveon

Taking offers for Pencil Toppers! Including legendary birds!

Offers are for pencil toppers of Articuno, Claydol, Deoxys, Flygon, Moltres, Slaking, Vigoroth and Zapdos!

-I was granted sales permission b entirelycliched
n December 17, 2012 and my feedback is here
-I also have feedback on ebay and etsy so just ask if you’d like to see it.
-I ship from the US (Minnesota) and usually CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY and I am truly sorry about that. EDIT: BUT if you are really interested in one of these toppers, ask me and I might make an exception depending on the location. It's a little more work for me, but you guys are worth it :)
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. If you are concerned please ask for insurance and I will have to get an extra quote for you at the post office.
-I have the right to refuse sale to anybody for any reason.
-Everything comes from a home that is pet and smoke free.
-I only accept Paypal.
-I MAY accept trades if you have any Espeon merchandise I’m interested in – Just ask and I’ll say yes or no.
-EDIT: I will be accepting offers until Thursday, January 24th (my birthday!) at 5:00pm CST and I will be shipping the items the next day.
-All items will be sent in new bubble mailers and SHIPPING/FEES ARE INCLUDED in the offer price. I have not seen these pencil toppers sold on this comm during my time here, so I have no idea what they go for. Please keep in mind that the shipping/fees are included in the starting offer price.

I am also sorry about the picture quality. My camera is having difficulties… So these were taken with my smart phone. If you would like to see more photos, just ask.

Each pencil topper comes with a sticker. Be advised, they are slightly crinkled but that's the way I received them in the mail when I bought the toppers brand new.

with stickers 1
with stickers 2





*Be advised, Moltres's wings are not permanently attached. That is how it came. There is a small mark on the backside of the wings indicating which is the left wing and which is the right so you put them in correctly. They fit in easily but I will be shipping them disconnected so it does not get damaged.




Please wait until the threads are up to make offers! I will cross this out when they're all up. Thank you! nd go! :)

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