warp_87 (warp_87) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction post

Hello everyone. I am devi_white's fiance(photographic evidence included). Both of us are US collectors from Missouri. I joined this community because I continually shop through her when she sees something I might like, and she speaks so highly of it--I figured I might as well hop in. I mainly collect Zorua/Zoroark and Nido merch. I also find Plusle & Minun adorable. So, I might start collecting them more >.>

(Bigger photo of this under cut)

Follow the cut to see my collection.

My beautiful Nidos(missing Nidorino Marble if you have one also would like zukans)

(an odd set of circumstances caused me to end up with three of the same figure >.>)

The flagship of my Zoroarks.

Giant cards, cups, zukans, and more.

Le plush

This towel is one of my favorites

Plusle Minun <3

And, finally, my lover and me :)
Everything is hers other than the Zoroarks and Zoruas.

Thanks for looking!
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