lilred2637 (lilred2637) wrote in pkmncollectors,


S.P.U.N!!!!!! I'M CRAZY!!!!!! Kidding! Haha ;D i'm not crazy but S.P.U.N stands for Snorlax, Pichu, Umbreon, and Ninetales, those are the pokemon which I love!! (along with many more) <3 But as you can tell i'm a new member here looking for some fun! (Sounds a bit weird now doesn't it?) I have been into Pokemon for a while. My collection is quite small, but slowly growing. (YAY!) A good friend of mineeeveevulpix2000 is the one that introduced me to this site She is equally as crazy ;) She has a much bigger collection than I do. All I really have is a sweatshirt, some cards, and a little Pikachu pouch to hold my headphones in. I'm looking forward to making friends and enjoying Pokemon with other people!!!
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