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Fast Sales!

Hi community!
Froakiie here! (AKA Milomilotic11)
Just 3 quick sales:

Squirtle PlayByPlay, Custom Leavanny Pokedoll, and a Banpresto Poliwhirl Coin Bank.
But, I will only be shipping in the US for these things, so if you want something, maybe ask someone to middle man.


Only shipping to US in these sales

ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States. And I am not responsible if you item gets lost in the mail! But if it does get lost, I will offer a 50% refund of your total!

I am a SLOOOOOOOOW shipper. If this is a problem to you, its best not you buy from me.

Will do holds but only for 48 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

All shipping starts at $1.95 (In the U.S.)

I accept Paypal and (maybe) cash.

Sales Permission granted b entirelycliche n 4/2/12 (On my old account- Milomilotic11)

am open to haggling!



Squirtle PlayByPlay- $20
Milotic Kid as size reference
Comes with Scarf (Unless you don't want to)
Eyes are very scratched up.
Lip/mouth is distorted and very weird looking.
Right foot has a small brown stain.
(Shipping may be a lot. I will go to the post office to get an exact.)

Custom Leavanny Pokedoll- $15
Milotic Kid as size reference
Has tiny Bat Wings in the back.


Poliwhirl Banpresto Coin Bank- $5
Has white paint marks on right foot and in the back.
Comes with jar and it has a crack.

Annnd, Collection update pretty soon!
Thanks for looking!
Tags: banpresto, custom, leavanny, plush, poliwhirl, squirtle
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