Kitxunei (chaosoftwilight) wrote in pkmncollectors,

January Sales, Water Starters Group Buy, and Some Wants!

Hi everyone, I have a multi-purpose post here today. First of all, I have some wants... I collect all the pokemon on my icon, mostly I'm looking for these:
- Umbreon --- Looking for the mini pokedoll plush + anything else not too expensive
- Flygon-line --- Looking for the bell keychain, the bottlecap, + ANYTHING else (I'm missing mostly rare pieces and misc flats)
- Blastoise-line --- Looking for anything really, except for plush
- Aggron-line --- Looking for the Zukan and Lairon TFG + anything else (seriously I've been trying to get this zukan for years and I fail every time)
- Skarmory --- Looking for the DX TOMY!! and the fat-looking kids figure, + anything else (I have most figures)
- Archen/Archeops --- Looking for an Archen MPC plush, Archen kids figure, + anything else (I think I have everything else except for misc flats)
- Aerodactyl --- Looking for anything really. This is a relatively new side-collection of mine so I don't have much.

Is anyone interested in a Group Buy for the new Water Gun figures?? They'll be $10.50 each!  All claimed thank you ! ♥

I'll be buying the set from Sunyshore, then shipping them out to you. In the words of Gin, "This is a set of four, roughly 4 inch tall water gun spraying bath toys exclusive to the Pokemon Center!"

- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- There will be two payments:
Payment 1: $10.50 each ($9.50 for the item and $1.00 to help cover PP fees and shipping from seller to me)
Payment 2: Shipping from me to you (This will be calculated once I have them in-hand; I have no idea how much they weigh)
- I ship internationally from the USA.
- Payment will be due once all are 4 are claimed. Please make a claim only if you are ready to pay. Backing out will result in negative feedback.

SQUIRTLE - chaosoftwilight PAID
TOTODILE - taytaychann PAID
MUDKIP - republicdc1 PAID
OSHAWOTT - megami36 PAID

Now for your favorite thing ever: SALES!!!

I'm open to haggling; Most of this stuff I just want gone. Oh, and please let me know if it's too image-heavy and I'll resize some of the pictures for you.SALES! Eevee Keychain Plush, VS Cards, Stickers, Random Lots, and more...Collapse )
Tags: altaria, eevee, espeon, group buy, mudkip, oshawott, sales, totodile, umbreon, wanted
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