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battle museum and subway bosses GA - cancelled :( + GB

I bring you a GA of four battle museum figures as well as the subway bosses figures! 
Claims and rules under the cut

for some reason the seller ended the item even though there was no BIN or any bids. really sorry about this guys I dont know what to say :( If i see any more like this I will try and GA that one!

for those who were bidding on the axew,deerling, and bisharp I will now be offering a GB if you are interested. these would be $11 before fees. 

this is a Y!J lot and there will be 3 payments, initial auction cost + fees, shipping to me an inally shipping to you!
  • I will be shipping from the UK, this meaning shipping for a figure will start $5.50 as I do not know how much these weigh I cannot give accurate totals at this time .
  • I received sales permission fro allinia n 28/10/12
  • >>here<< s a link to my feedback.
  • I will be claiming krookodile for $12
  • All standard PKMNcollectors rules apply.
  • NO sniping, any bids placed in the last 5 minutes will extend the auction another 5 minutes.
  • NO banned members.
  • paypal only, please pay within 48 hours of the payment post.
  • no deleting bids, I will know.
auction ends on 27th of january at 10am GMT countdown timer can be found >>here<
I will update this post to say whether we have won or not

all items start at $3
new group buy: 

krookodile abbeymew
 axew dragonrider49

Tags: axew, bisharp, deerling, group auction
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