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Get photography!

Hello community!

You're probably sick of my winter photography by now but I have some more pictures for you anyway! The snow caused closures today but I still went to my exam, and on the way home saw some spots that my new gets might look nice in for some photos, so I took some!

Umbreon preview

My gets are two beautiful Umbreon kids that I got from a couple of members on here (thank you!) for my growing Umbreon collection. I think that the kids are such good quality, and for me, the Umbreon pose sitting that I have is very easy to photograph - he fits in anywhere! So expect to see him in future posts. ;3;

Sat in the tree

Two in the tree 2

Two in the tree

High in the tree

On the path

Sat on the post

Sat proud

I think this is my favourite. ;u;


And I edited this last one quite a bit to see what it would look like, what do you guys think?

By the way, it's not just my rabbit that likes the snow... meet Honey!


Thanks for checking these out!

I was also wondering a bit about how you choose to display your collections - I have lots of items on display on shelves and such, but want somewhere better for my Umbreons. I know of plush 'nets', but that seems too harsh... I want them all together also (plush, figures, charms, everything!), are cabinets with glass fronts/doors good for collection displays? I would say so because it protects them from getting knocked over or gathering dust, but I'm interested in knowing what you collectors prefer.

One last thing, reattaching Pokedoll hang tags - any advice?
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