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Get photography!

Hello community!

You're probably sick of my winter photography by now but I have some more pictures for you anyway! The snow caused closures today but I still went to my exam, and on the way home saw some spots that my new gets might look nice in for some photos, so I took some!

Umbreon preview

HM01 to see...Collapse )

I was also wondering a bit about how you choose to display your collections - I have lots of items on display on shelves and such, but want somewhere better for my Umbreons. I know of plush 'nets', but that seems too harsh... I want them all together also (plush, figures, charms, everything!), are cabinets with glass fronts/doors good for collection displays? I would say so because it protects them from getting knocked over or gathering dust, but I'm interested in knowing what you collectors prefer.

One last thing, reattaching Pokedoll hang tags - any advice?
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