El Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
El Woolley

Sales, Auctions and a little soft news

Firstly, I paid the Soft Steps GA customs fee off today, so it should be with me by Wednesday, if not tomorrow. There will be some extras and unpaid claims for sale to cover money lost. I will basically be dividing the unpaid fees by the amount of spare items.
This GA will probably be my last super-large $$$ one as I am not in the financial situation where I can pay for missed payments or large middleman deposits any more. I want to really thank everyone who has paid within time, and done their part to make this GA easier to run. Expect your final postage quotes by the end of the week! I hope you're excited as I am for plushes!

I'm offering >> 55 kids for under $50 << on eBay right now. It has no bids, and if a member here wins, I will throw in some extras I have lying around. It would make an easy GA or big filler for your Kids  collecttion.
I'm also offering >> a stash of 50+ items << - it has already one bid so I apologise if it's a member here.

Now, some quick and easy sales! I bought this little lot purely to get the Digimon bits, so the rest need to find new homes!
And two I Love Pikachus are looking for some love (DX and zip pouch). They are both new.

Quick click for quick sales - ten times fastCollapse )
I received sales permission from dakajojo in June 2011 - My Feedback is here!
Lastly, look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day forward to a Lucario-tastic collection update this week. I'll also be rounding up all my bizarre bits and pieces.
Tags: group auction, sales
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