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Sales! Reduced prices!

In other words; I want to buy the Deep Space Nine boxset! Gimme yizzer monies!
I've reduced the prices of the items in my shop. All prices now include standard postage WORLDWIDE!

- I ship from Saitama, Japan to anywhere in the world.
- Prices include standard P&P, if you want EMS, it'll cost $10more.
- I will consider trades for raichu/manectric items
- If you enquire about an item and do not respond to my reply within 2-3days, I will assume you're not interested and move on to the next person.
- I AM A SLOW SHIPPER! Sorry, but I work full time, so it's difficult for me to get shipments organised and out quickl
- Sales permission obtained from Denkimouse in August 2011.

Strikes indicate the item is GONE
Italics indicate that someone is enquiring about this item

PICT0076 (400x173)
New Pokémon Centre Eevee plush MWT: $26 eac
New Tomy Eeveelution plush: $26 (Eevee and Espeon)
New Raichu Pokedoll: $20 (2 available) OMG I should've bought more of these...

PICT0077 (400x221)
New Pokémon Centre Eeveelution plush MWT: $28.50 each (Leafeon and Glaceon)
New Tomy Eeveelution plush MWT: $28.50 eac (Leafeon and Glaceon)

PICT0078 (400x164)
New Eeveelution mini Pokédolls MIP: $15.50 each (Vaporeon, Eevee, Leafeon and Glaceon)

DSC_0182 (500x468)
Pokémon Centre 'chu line face cloth: $13

DSC_0183 (489x500)
Squirtle dish: $8
Melotta straps MIP: $10 each
Keldeo pen MIP: $12

DSC_0184 (457x500)
Tomy Hypersize Zekrom figure: $13.50
Tags: eevee, glaceon, leafeon, raichu, sales
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