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New TOMY merch found in Kentucky!

I've been super eager to see the new TOMY figures, but I wasn't sure when they were coming out, or if they'd be anywhere other than Toys R Us. I was very surprised when I found a few figures at a Meijers in Louisville, KY last week... and over the Lunatone happy when I found this week to be a miniature Pokeheaven! Click the cut for the higher quality pictures, and the plush (you'll never guess who!) that was also there!

(look, a crappy preview pic with a flash! Please click the cut for less embarassing pictures)

There were a lot of these little VS packs. I only picked up this one, of course for Pikachu. As much as I wanted to buy 'em all, I somehow managed to show a little restraint!

All the Kyurem! So you can see, these are bigger than the regular figures, but not huge like I had hoped.

PFFFFT Reshi's little buck tooth! OMG! I really cracked up when I saw that. Sorry I didn't take the figures out for pictures, I'm one of *those* people that never ever ever wants to take anything out.. ever. Ever. Now, as I said, there was a plush! An adorable, special little plush, a plush made just for me.

Chuuuu! He's so cute! The quality is SO MUCH BETTER than Jakks! The Jakks Pika's were somewhat awful, so I'm really glad to see this quality in the US. I'm crazy excited to see the 18 inch plush, I'm hoping they get it, or TRU, soon. I'll be checking every week. And then I will buy an army of them.

As much as I'd like to say "MOST PERFECT PLUSH EVER", he does have a few issues. For one thing there's no way for him to stand on his own. I love plush that can stand, so it's a bit of a downer. Plus, there are quiet a few strings sticking out. Most can be easily trimmed, so no biggy. But you can see one loose in his paw if you look close. He's also not very soft. Still, overall, huge improvement over Jakks.

Million dollar Pika has two tags!
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