PikaFreakRachel (pikafreakrachel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New TOMY merch found in Kentucky!

I've been super eager to see the new TOMY figures, but I wasn't sure when they were coming out, or if they'd be anywhere other than Toys R Us. I was very surprised when I found a few figures at a Meijers in Louisville, KY last week... and over the Lunatone happy when I found this week to be a miniature Pokeheaven! Click the cut for the higher quality pictures, and the plush (you'll never guess who!) that was also there!

(look, a crappy preview pic with a flash! Please click the cut for less embarassing pictures)
Click for the new TOMY merch!Collapse )
Tags: black kyurem, collection, kyurem, pikachu, reshiram, tomy, white kyurem, zekrom
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