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Stairway Party GA Reminder + Collection Gets

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* My Collection Site
* Permanent Sales

Reminder that Stairway Party GA ends within 24 hrs from now!

Click pic or here to teleport

Lots of plush without bids!
We also had a problem with the timer but it's been fixed. If you happened to bookmark it dont forget to update with the new one!

I have added lots of Lotads to my collection this month! Along with some oither things

January Gets!Collapse )

Wants!Collapse )
Thanks, hope everyone has a great week!
Tags: archen, buneary, darmanitan, darumaka, ferroseed, ferrothorn, flaaffy, hoppip, lotad, mandibuzz, mareep, munchlax, oshawott, palpitoad, panpour, pansage, pansear, psyduck, rufflet, scraggy, shelgon, stunfisk, swadloon, tympole, unfezant, vanillite, victini, vullaby
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