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MPC Set 24 Reservations Post!

Hi everyone! Due to the success of the MPC Set 22 order, I have decided to order a carton of set 24 as well, if we get enough interest! Unfortunately, it is too late for set 23, so for that I am sorry. But set 24 is a-go!. Payment will not be collected until late February or early March, depending on when I receive the invoice for the plush!

Each plush would be $20 SHIPPED within the USA and $25 SHIPPED outside the USA. Once you make a claim, IT IS FINAL. If you back out or do not pay within three days of when I ask for payment (should be LATE FEBRUARY or EARLY MARCH), I will leave negative feedback! I front money for these and it is only fair that you acknowledge your commitments!! I expect everyone to pay promptly within 3 days of when I post (again, late Feb/early March). I have the following plush up for grabs:

Reuniclus: 18
Eelektross: 8
Whimsicott: 14
Timburr: 12
Druddigon: 6
Volcarona: 6

I will be making a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of claims. I will reply "confirmed!" to confirm your reservation, or I may reply saying "____ is sold out! sorry!" Please remember: ALL CLAIMS ARE FINAL! Remember, even if I only confirm a fraction of the plush you wanted, no backing out! But, in this claims post, once you confirm, you are good. :) No guessing the quantity of each item I will be receiving, like with the kids figures.

Please comment below with the following information: the country you are in AND the plush you want (that's a given!). Thanks!

Note: I have to study tonight, so I probably won't have time to reply to everyone until tomorrow morning. Rest assured, though, I will reply!

Also, shamelessly promoting my eBay lot (sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009) (click here!)

CANCELED: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/14254861.html
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