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Small sales post!

Sales updated!

Hello! I have a few items for sale today--some goods picked up at the pokemon outlet store (so I can sell them for basically retail price! :D), some leftovers from recent releases, and a few beloved plush from my personal collection that are being sold to help fund the cost of mailing an army of snorlaxes over the ocean. ;_;

*sales approval was granted in Jan. 2011 by denkimouse

*I live in Japan and mail via standard airmail. Shipping costs depend on weight of package and your country of residence, so please remember to include your country when asking for quotes.Tracking is an additional 4.50 for those who want it and is mandatory for purchases over 75$.

*I usually mail items within a week or so of payment, but sometimes it takes me up to 2 weeks depending on how many things I have to mail and how busy I am at work.

*Items can be put on hold for 24 hours! Aside from that, items will be sold to the first person who states a clear commitment to purchase. Asking for a shipping quote does not give you a hold/mean I will wait for you.

*Have questions? Just ask in a comment! I am not good at seeing PMs so those aren't the best way of contacting me.

Anyway, onward!

 photo 13jan1_zpsb73d1243.jpg
Kuji goods

Eevee figure: 14$
Other figures: 10$ each
Kuji plush: 18$ each
(If anyone has an oshawott figure I'd be more than happy to trade one of the other figures for it... ;_;)


They come in plastic cases like this:
 photo 13jan10_zps8eec777a.jpg

If you buy 2 or more you can have a case/cases if you'd like them! If you don't want one to save on shipping, that's fine too. :D

1.50 each!

 photo 13jan9_zpsfd9d5323.jpg
1 bulbasaur/ivysaur on hold in case shastina4ever wants them!
 photo 13jan8_zpsb040c854.jpg
 photo 13jan7_zps68ef7b5a.jpg

Big plush

 photo 12jan12_zps45ca40dc.jpg

Poketime wailord. Paper tag has been detached but carefully preserved! 100$ shipped with tracking. On hold.

 photo 12jan13_zpsb4cbe368.jpg

Monster-sized Christmas piplup still needs a new home! Take him and bask in the splendor of his shiny, festive glory. 25$

Other Stuff

 photo 12jan1_zpseefeb372.jpg

SLOWPOKE (all his friends have gone): 16$ each

 photo 12jan2_zpsad33732d.jpg

Whimsicott: 14$

 photo 12jan3_zpsb0570839.jpg

Jumbo Fukuoka stickers: $3.50 each
2013 calendar w/stickers and mini-CF: 6$

 photo 12jan6_zpsa06aa354.jpg

All stickers pictured (bugs/foongi have been taken!): $5

 photo 12jan8_zps9cdea9bb.jpg

Heavy-duty reflective safety stickers! They're super reflective under a flash/light at night. Sticker sheet is about an A4 size, for reference. 1$ each sticker
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