mriwanaga (mriwanaga) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll wants and many questions

So I recently obtained the Pokemon Time wailord cushion that was my #1 want from Y!J (still waiting for it to arrive). I guess now I should try to get some of my other wants.

Hoping to pay under $35 for this with or without tag. (less if without tag). I've been trying to bid on the many dragonite pokedolls that have been coming up on group auctions but it seems like the demand is too high as I still haven't been able to get it. I was beaten by $1 at 4:43 AM PST from a group auction 17 minutes before it ended because I fell asleep grrrrr. But the release date was 2009 so it shouldn't be that hard to come by..

These seem to be very hard to come by nowadays I'm not even going to try to get this one yet unless it's really affordable

I think this one is out of my price range too ... for now. However, if anyone has one selling for really cheap, I'd be down to buy it

Anyways, I have a few questions as well that are also wants

1. Why are the attack form and defense form of the deoxys pokedolls so much rarer than the regular one? Were they only given out at special events and if so, what were these events? Or did most people only buy the regular deoxys because they didn't want to spend too much money at the time. I've been hunting for them for like a month now and have only found the defense one on ebay for $350 but i've seen over 20 normal deoxys

2. How do re-releases work? Is there somewhere that people vote for which pokedolls are re-released or is it just completely random? I'm hoping for a re-release of the hoenn starters third evolutions even though it seems pretty unlikely (but one can hope!). They are pretty easy to come by online but VERY pricey. I don't think I've seen a single one go for under $100

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