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a wild introduction appeared!

Hello there! I'm Matt a Pokemon plush collector from Wisconsin. For the past year or so I have been looking at all the awesome posts on this site and I now finally decided to join. I have been into pokemon since the good old red and blue days and think I'm a even bigger fan nowadays. I'm not really a certain kind of Pokemon collector but one that collects Pokemon that I like or used in the games. My favorite Pokemon is the adorable Carnivine in which I feel does not get a lot of love from most people. Every time James brought it out in the anime I was always so excited to see it. I have a collection site of all my plushies one by one that you can view for a better look at the whole collection which has a main theme relating to Carnivine. It's not done yet but it's almost there so check it out here:

This picture shows most of my collection in the way it's displayed. I tried to group them together by type, starters, legendary or if they relate to each other like the eeveelutions.

The rest of the collection displays here. It's mostly a starter Pokemon area with the middle shelf being some of my all time liked plush that I own.

Ninetales Plush
This is my one and only custom plush that I own which is a Ninetales Pokedoll. It actually used to be a Jolteon Pokedoll but changed into a Ninetales. It has one amazing looking tall. Here's a link that I found of this Ninetales plush

Well I hope that all of you like my collection and I hope to have lots of fun on this site. Also if you want to please let me know which plush you like from my collection. It's always fun to find out what other members likes are.

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