nintendovgfan (nintendovgfan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a wild introduction appeared!

Hello there! I'm Matt a Pokemon plush collector from Wisconsin. For the past year or so I have been looking at all the awesome posts on this site and I now finally decided to join. I have been into pokemon since the good old red and blue days and think I'm a even bigger fan nowadays. I'm not really a certain kind of Pokemon collector but one that collects Pokemon that I like or used in the games. My favorite Pokemon is the adorable Carnivine in which I feel does not get a lot of love from most people. Every time James brought it out in the anime I was always so excited to see it. I have a collection site of all my plushies one by one that you can view for a better look at the whole collection which has a main theme relating to Carnivine. It's not done yet but it's almost there so check it out here:

Preview of my plush collection hereCollapse )
Tags: collection, introductions, ninetales
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