Dumbsparce (dumbsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Back in the Game, I Guess (Re-Introduction + Update)

Hey Everyone! It's been a while.

I've been busy with a couple of other toy collections, and, like...real life, so...yeah. I'm a Bay Area dude with animation industry aspirations. I don't have a specific want list because I'm really scatterbrained, but you can see a list of Pokemon I'm interested in here.

Anyway, I have been purchasing Pokemon here and there since I last posted. Mostly kids, because they're small and cheap and addicting, but I've also dabbled in a bit of the plush now, too.
Click here to see my shelf in poor light.Collapse )

It's not much of an update, but I'm considering myself back in the game, for the most part. I've got three plushies on their way, one of which is the fabled Dunsparce shake plush oh my goodness gracious. You guys will see them soon.
Tags: emboar, ho-oh, kids
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