Darkly Dragon (kanamai) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darkly Dragon

A few wants

I am currently looking for a couple of Arcanine, Cyndaquil, Giratina, and Farfetch'd items. I know most of them are pretty hard to find though.

Zukan - Growlithe and Arcanine
In-Case Collection Arcanine

Pokemon Time Cyndaquil Strap
Walky Series Starter Cyndaquil
Pokemon Friends Plush Cyndaquil

Pokedoll Giratina Origin Form
Zukan - Giratina Altered or Origin Form

Any Farfetch'd items

Also to make this post less boring here is a picture of my two Arcanine plush!
Tags: arcanine, cyndaquil, farfetch'd, giratina, growlithe, wanted
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