Tyler Starr (thaistarr) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tyler Starr

Introduction! A new member has appeared!

Hello everyone!

After...something close to a year of prowling around here on Pokemon Collectors, I finally mustered up enough courage to join this community! So I suppose now it's time for me to introduce myself!

My name is Tyler! I'm a 17 year old girl living in Arizona. Like many of you, me and Pokemon go way back. I was first introduced to the franchise during 1st Gen by my cousins who so graciously gave me a Base Set fat Pikachu card and an assortment of Pokemon cut-outs from a macaroni box during one of my visits. Shortly after this initial exposure, I was absolutely hooked on Pokemon. My dad would take me to the store once a week to pick up a pack of Pokemon cards (in hopes of pulling a Charizard, which we never did), I watched every episode (several times) of the first season of the show, and had every Pokemon game for the N64 which I would play for hours on end. It wasn't until 3rd Gen that I played my first "traditonal" Pokemon game, Pokemon Sapphire, when I received a Gameboy Advance. The 3rd Gen era was also when my love for Pokemon was at its highest. When 4th Gen came out, my passion for Pokemon dwindled and although I still played through the games, I wasn't quite as into it as I had been. I idly remained a fan for years until the release of HeartGold, SoulSilver and 5th Gen when my love for Pokemon was rekindled stronger than ever. As I delved further into the franchise, I uncovered the collecting side of Pokemon with a Pokevault video showcasing a Kyurem plush, who would go on to become the start of my serious collecting, and discovered this community soon after. Needless to say, I got quite sucked in by all of the new-found Pokemon merchandise, leaving me where I am today, absolutely addicted!

Currently, I primarily collect the Hydreigon line with emphasis on Hydreigon himself, Vanillite, and an accidental side of Kyurem. My goal is to own every Hydreigon line (flats and all) and Vanillite item as well as every figure and plush for regular Kyurem!


I am really looking forward to being a part of this community, seeing everyone's collections, making mine grow, and meeting lots of new Pokemon collector friends!
Tags: black kyurem, deino, hydreigon, introductions, kyurem, vanillite, white kyurem, zweilous
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