remderosier (remderosier) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Early Valentine Gifts!

So, last night after my boyfriend and I got through a bunch of errands, registering a business name, gaming, and going for dinner, we finally arrived home! To my surprise, there was a box on the porch waiting for me! It was my Secret Pokemon Valentine! Ah! Come look what was inside! :D


Also, I apologize in advance for the photo quality! My camera batteries died, so all of these pictures were taken with my cell phone and at night (because I was way too excited to wait until the morning!), but better pictures will be up soon!

And, this was me the whole time I was opening this:
foamy mouth guy


Come see what I got! 8DCollapse )
Tags: eevee, entei, growlithe, herdier, linoone, meowth, mew, pikachu, quagsire, raikou, shinx, stoutland, suicune, umbreon, vulpix, zangoose, zigzagoon
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