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Sales Post


I have more items for sale. Eeveelutions, zukans, and some customs as well.

Willing to accept reasonable offer, but know that I have the right o reject your offer. I am also flexible on payment plans, and holding items.

Also, I have sent out all of the items from my recent sales post. If you have any questions send me a message.


  • I was granted sales permissi entirelycliched 02/12

  • Here is my feedba

  • All Community Rules Ap

  • I accept payment only through Paypal, and in USD

  • Shipping Rates will be around $3-4 for people living in the United States, please note that these rates can change based upon where you live, or the size of the package

  • I am willing to ship internationally, but please be patient with me because I do not know the rates for every country. It might take a while to get back to you with a shipping quote

  • I am not responsible for any lost packages

  • I have the right to refuse service based upon negative feedback etc

  • I ship from California

  • I live in a house with two dogs, but they don't go in my room, which is where all my plush are located.

  • The days I plan to ship is either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It will be shipped out within a week I receive payment. I will make an effort to get them shipped out sooner. There are some circumstances that may cause me to be unable to send any packages, but it will not pass 2 weeks from the day I receive payment. If I don't ship your item within two weeks of payment, I will pay for your shipping. I will issue a refund once you receive your item and send me a message.

All Sales Are Final

Willing to accept Reasonable Offers


Garchomp Custom Plush by Usakochan $400 OBO
(Payed $550 for the custom, and its 15 inches tall)


Milotic Custom made by aSourLemon $250 OBO
(The plush is 5 feet long, and its made out of fleece)

Gulpin Pokemon Time Cushion $80

Vaporeon $35, Flareon $30, Jolteon $30

Espeon $35, Umbreon $30

Eevee $25, Leafeon $30, Glaceon $30

Thunderus, Landorus, Tornadus $3 each
Dragonite Line $12
Rayquaza $10
Samurott Line $10

Stunfisk $65


Raichu $4 (Priced at $40 Dragonite $15, Vulpix $50


Bulbasaur 10th Anniversary $85


Blaziken $100, Swampert $80

Charmander Walky w/ tags $30, Squirtle Walky w/o tags $20 Bulbasaur Walky w/ Tags $40


Corphish Pokedoll $80, ilord Pokedoll $80
(Wailmer has a banpresto tag. I believe it was a prototype)
(All plush has their tags)
MPC Lot $50


Wooper $45, Metagross $40, Sawk $12


Oshawott $1 (priced at $10 Wartortle $40, himchar $15, Munna $15, otodile $16, Axew $15
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