John (jr890) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Time!

Hi everyone I have some small sales today, rules and items for sale are under the cut


  • I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 12/11/12, feedback can be foun here
  • All community rules apply, so that means no snipping!
  • I ship from CO,USA
  • Items will be sent through first class mail, if you are in the U.S. than it will be mailed with delivery confirmation (No exceptions
  • Not responsible for lost packages
  • I accept paypal only
  • Not looking for trades right now
  • No haggling at the moment either
  • Will ship outside US (Haven't shipped things internationally before so it may take me so time to give you a quote )
  • Fees and shipping materials are added to the shipping price
  • Will do holds for 24 hour
  • If you ask for a quote please reply as soon as possible or else I will move on to the next person
  • When asking for a quote please leave your zip code (If in the U.S.), or country.

Gallade Banpresto plush (with both tags): $25
Snover Pokedoll (only has tush tag): $45
Torchuc Pokedoll (with both tags): $15

Glaceon and Leafeon Tomy Plushies with all tags
Each $38 or take both for $70

Mesprit Banpresto Plush (only has tush tag): $20
Hasbro Mudkip (only has tush tag) $12

All of these have their tush tag and are $5
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