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Some New *Shinies*, Reintroduction, and a little Reminder :)

Hey guys! I've been a part of this community for almost 4 years now? Idk
I got sales permission August 18th 2009 so we'll assume so. My name is
Dory and I live in Maryland. My collection has grown and shrunk and then
grown again since I've joined, changing my collections. You may have
known me from my lovely legendary beast collection, but as you know I've
changed to just my fire grump pup :) My collection has changed quite
drastically with the new promotions and such (as have many :) ) Anyway
lets give you some preview pics! Just sit back and and enjoy the
pictures! WARNING! Image heavy!
apreview3apreview2apreview 1

Collection time! :DCollapse )

Also small reminder about my Tomy GA here (we're gonna have some serious competition as one person has placed 2 high "secret bids" so get in your high bids!)

as always sales are here: and here:
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