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First and hopefully last sales of the year, a grailish want and a potential trade(AKA I'm on a roll

It's been a while since I posted on here seriously, so time to change that! I've not been really busy or anything just a little bit demotivated, but that'll change soon most likely :3 There'll also be a biiiiig collection update/reintroduction kinda post  the following month(if everything goes well XD) and yeah, you can definately look forward to that ;D Sooo onto the real buzz, here's my updated sales!

(for instant teleportation, please click the picture!)

Something else I wanted to get off my chest would be my latest grail want, albeit it might be a little weird XD

Johto  Clearfile
THIS clearfile. Oh my Arceus>.< Not only is it from 2009(which has been an awesome year for me in general) but it also features many of my alltime favorites! Chikorita, Chinchou, Hoppip, Ledyba, Sunkern, Wooper, Natu and it just continues X__X Soooo please if anyone finds one of these or would be willing  to part with it, I'd definately pay really well for it!

Last purpose of this thread is a trade I'd like to do if somebody might  be interested. So last year in the Johto dex charm GA I won  a Jigglypuff set.

(which looks like this, picture is borrowed from pokecharms weebly same goes for the other set, my cam glared the close-ups pretty badly)

aaaaand actually I'd really like to trade it for the following:

the Johto dex Clefairy set. I'd also be willing to just buy one, but if anyone would be interested in this trade I'd definately be up for it.^^ Jigglypuff is awesome, but I kinda like Clefairy and her a line a little more :3

And to end this thread in a lighthearted manner, a small question for everyone! What kind of merch are you expecting for GEN VI? For my part I'd loooooove 1:1 sized Pokecen starters again, this time around I'd definately get one, Chespin specifically*-* Might be my second favorite grass starter next to Chikorita by now<3 Other than that, I wish you all an awesomely enjoyable weekend!:D
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