LaPopeArmadillo (lapopearmadillo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bootieful Face Lift

Greetings fellow collectors. I come to you today with a quick before-and-after photostory type thing about my new Joltik plush. c: Click the cut there for pictures and stuff~

Last week I was browsing ze Ebays for random merch, and decided to look through cheap plushes. Unsurprisingly almost all of which were bootlegs, but I'd purchased bootlegs in the past that seemed pretty good in quality and made for a nice cheap buy that I didn't have to freak out about value if I played with them or brought them somewhere and they got dirty or whatever. xD I decided on buying what I assumed was a factory reject Joltik MPC, since the stock picture seemed to look fairly decent.

But then it got here. And the face..


It was so smushed looking. ;A; An immediate let down. I almost even got to thinking that it would be a burden even keeping him. I tried smooshing  his face around some more in hopes that distributing the fluff inside might help at all, but to no such luck. It had to be the way it was stitched together that made him look so derpy. If only I could fix that. ..And then I thought, well, why not?


So I did some more smooshing, only this time when the face started looking more 'right,' I held together the looser bits of the fabric caused by said smooshing and sewed them together. I did this in all the parts I circled, and was pretty glad they didn't seem too noticeable.


And ta-da! Much less smooshy looking face! :D (It might be a bit hard to tell, but before it was a lot flatter too, and now it's more rounded).

He may not be so smooshy anymore, but in honor of my excess use of the word in this post, I have decided to name him Mr. Smooshy. xD I was also wondering if anyone had the official MPC plush if they'd mind sending me a front, side and aerial view of it. That way I can look at them and see if there's anything else I can do for Mr. Smooshy to have him looking fit as a fiddle. c:

Also. Not long after I finished mending Smooshys face, I realized he was exactly 4 inches long. If I'm correct, that would sort of make him a 1:1 Joltik Plush? xD I decided to have him pose with my 1:1 Turtwig plush, Wash Twiggans.


My Magikarp plush made b colocho_robotto  Also arrived yesterday, so she got to get in on the photo. I named her Tiny Tamy. C: She looks so happy all the time. They all look so cute together I think

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