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Collection update time, New loves <3

Hey everyone! It's been foreveragesable since i've done a collection update! So how about one to kick off the year right now! 

I'm super excited to get Pokemon X & Y when they're released in October so one of my gets is linked to that & the other is due to a new Pokemon i've recently grown fond of. Yet again i've fallen for an 'ugly' 'unloved' Pokemon! 

Here's a Teaser. Can you guess what it is yet!?!

Okay so 1st up one of my all time favourite gets ever! Since X & Y were announced a few weeks ago i've been mega excited to play them.. I looked at my Comsic Black 3DS and said to myself 'I can't play the new generation on this...' so i set myself out to get something worthy of the new exciting titles! 

So i traded my old 3DS in at my local video game store... they ordered me something in from their warehouse. and that thing was this:

Friggin Pikachu 3DSXL!! I thought to myself what would be the best thing ever to play Pokemon on.. and it obviously was this beauty! The Box art is super adorable. ;3; so much love! **Super Cute Pikachu with Satoshi's Hat is a recent get too.. So cute i may have to die XD**

So neat and shiny @___@ The finish is so nice on this. My previous 3DS has the gloss finish that attracts finger marks & scratches.. this is lovely smooth and finger mark free and stays that way (Obviously cleaning it has to be done but not as much) The camera lenses look like little boobies XD 

Fully opened! I'm SO SO SOOOO HAPPY they decided to put the Stylus on the side again ;3; why the hell did the original 3DS have it on the top >__< so awkward to get out quickly, while its so smooth and easy to quickly access your stylus with Pikachu Agility ;D The inside is completely white so i didn't bother to take a photo of it. It's the shell that's amazing!

Extra Shots:

Perfect little tent to live in. Such a cute little face this one has ;3; 

Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?? This guy sure does >__>

So that is one of my all time favourite things now <3 want to see more? Check cut number 2!

Now on to the 2nd, which is now a new collection in it's self! 

A massive thank you t lady_supergirl or helping me get most of these guys seriously it was all of it but two things I'm forever greatful for your help and they're very much loved. I adore everything <3

People who know me will understand that i have a weakness for 'Ugly' Pokemon, they know i dislike the typical generic Canine/Feline Onfourlegsinstacuteomg Pokemon.. (No offence to people who like these Pokemon btw, it's my personal opinion) They know i collect things like Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and so on. Heck the only 'Cute' Pokemon i do collect is probably Cyndaquil and his Evos! So recently i fell in love with a certain Pokemon. That is Tornadus! Wind is my favourite Element & Birds are my favourite animal so it's a win-win

So now i have all of this! The Pokecen Plush is honestly one of the most gorgeous plush i've ever held. The cloud is the fluffiest thing ever... I love all the figures too <3

All my current figures. I nearly have them all thanks to Lady_Liara <3 The Mcdonalds figure is pretty big and lights up! also the Therian forme hyper size Tomy is amazingly cute. I love playing around with his little feets. 

Dat face <3 You can see by the picture that the details are amazing. Those eyes <3 honestly, he gives my Pokecen Terrakion a run for his money! Lovelovelovelove

Cute little tag art! He looks so proud of his Massive arms & teeny tiny waist!

***Also i hope i'm not the only one who is reminded of this when i see the Kami Trio!? >__> 

Extra! I'm redecorating (as i've said countless times) so everything is boxed away besides these. So i've taken some shots of my other collections all stored so they're not left out

....How Depressing ;3;

Also a question, What are you guys MOST looking forward to about Gen 6? Maybe some new Evos for existing Pokemon? (Heracross Evo anyone?!) I'm very looking forward to see how the new 'Bonding' mechanic will work! I'd love to work up a great relationship with my in game Pokemon and battle with trusted allies! Maybe they'll make some augmented reality thing like the did for Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance?! that'd be amazing!

Thanks for stopping by guys!

Edit*** Also just found this on my Amazon.jp search

Apparently it's a new 'Big Size' Charizard Pokemon Center plush!  The release date on there is 16th Feb. i know this will interest a few members here!
Link is here http://www.amazon.co.jp/タカラトミー-ポケットモンスター-ポケモンベストウイッシュぬいぐるみ-リザードン/dp/B009QVT4WE/ref=sr_1_16?m=AN1VRQENFRJN5&s=toys&ie=UTF8&qid=1359231219&sr=1-16 
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