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Collection update time, New loves <3

Hey everyone! It's been foreveragesable since i've done a collection update! So how about one to kick off the year right now! 

I'm super excited to get Pokemon X & Y when they're released in October so one of my gets is linked to that & the other is due to a new Pokemon i've recently grown fond of. Yet again i've fallen for an 'ugly' 'unloved' Pokemon! 

Here's a Teaser. Can you guess what it is yet!?!

Item Get! Number 1! Collapse )
So that is one of my all time favourite things now <3 want to see more? Check cut number 2!

More under Number 2!Collapse )

Also a question, What are you guys MOST looking forward to about Gen 6? Maybe some new Evos for existing Pokemon? (Heracross Evo anyone?!) I'm very looking forward to see how the new 'Bonding' mechanic will work! I'd love to work up a great relationship with my in game Pokemon and battle with trusted allies! Maybe they'll make some augmented reality thing like the did for Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance?! that'd be amazing!

Thanks for stopping by guys!

Edit*** Also just found this on my Amazon.jp search

Apparently it's a new 'Big Size' Charizard Pokemon Center plush!  The release date on there is 16th Feb. i know this will interest a few members here!
Link is here http://www.amazon.co.jp/タカラトミー-ポケットモンスター-ポケモンベストウイッシュぬいぐるみ-リザードン/dp/B009QVT4WE/ref=sr_1_16?m=AN1VRQENFRJN5&s=toys&ie=UTF8&qid=1359231219&sr=1-16 
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