purpleghost9 (purpleghost9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Duskull wants

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to show you some Duskull things I’m looking for. Duskull seems to have quite a few tiny figures that are hard to find. And also I’m missing just one official plush at the moment!

I have some amazing gets on the way, I’m going to show you later. :)


- Duskull chocoball figure (I really like the clear base! I’ve sadly seen only the whole set of figures on Ebay)
- Duskull pokedex figure
- Duskull hasbro figure
- Duskull clear kid
- 2002 Tomy Duskull mascot plush
- 2009 Halloween clearfiles
(Pictures from: http://kaselr.freeownhost.com/pkmn/duskull.html, http://ambertdd.webs.com/ )

Thank you for reading! <3
Tags: duskull, wanted
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