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OKAY SO I've been practicing my needlefelting and felt a little brave and instead of letting these practice creations I've made (mostly chespins) lay around I thought
maybe I should try and see if anyone on the community would like to purchase 8D. So here we are! Pre-made Needlefelt Chespins & Oshawott
I was granted sells permission 12/4/11 by Dakajojo <3
-My current feedback can be located here --->
8D tada
- Paypal only. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Today's auctions are for Mini Chespin, Valentines Mijumaru, regular Chespin and Valentines Chespin!
(Order they are in left to right in above pic)
They all range from 1inch to 2inch in height
very light, and hand made by me!

p.s. I designed the valentine ones to be round-wobbly like thus the no feet. /o/

Mini Chespin and Valentines Oshawott start @ $10
Regular Chespin @ $12
Valentines Chespin @ $15

I base prices on time put into work and what not.
I currently do not take commissions for needlefelts, but love to hear suggestions of what pokemon people would like to see.
I do plan on making the other new starters, Fennekin and Froakie in the future! :D so keep your eyes peeled.
If you'd like a simple chespin like the ones above I might be able to make you one. Just depends XD getnervousdoingcommissions
IF you'd like to see more of these , or other needlefelts I've made my deviantart is

Auctions end on SUNDAY JANUARY 27th at Midnight Eastern standard time!! (Thats a day and 12 hours from this post) I will post a reminder post, here is a countdown timer
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