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2013 Collection Update!

Hi everybody! I know I haven't posted since September (when I was doing sales, sales, and more sales), but I've more or less been lurking here. And of course, trying to keep up with new toy releases!

Here's a little teaser~

Toz's Pokemon Toys

I haven't been around much lately, so I suppose a reintroduction is in order. My handle is happyjolteon pretty much everywhere, but that's a long name so you can call me Toz! I'm 27, and live in an apartment in the Boston area with my fiancee. I've been part of this fine community since I heard about it in the main pokemon community in fall 2007!

I got into Pokemon back in 1999 (and dragged my sisters, my friends, and my sisters' friends into it). When it more or less died out in the US, I just enjoyed it by myself, buying what I could find on eBay and various import sites. My first favorite Pokemon was Abra, then Meowth (which I collected heavily), then Jolteon for a long long time, and now it's Dialga. I joined the comm intending to primarily collect Jolteon, but because collecting Eevees is frustrating and expensive (don't we all know it!), I started collecting Dialga because it seemed fun. Then my Dialga collection grew and grew, and I've had such fun collecting him that he became my #1 favorite.

My last full collection post was in fall 2011. We're still in the same place, but my setup has changed drastically, as you will soon see!

In October 2012, we "moved". To make the long story short, we had a roommate that hogged the rest of the apartment, so we ended up cramming up all of our stuff into our one bedroom. When she finally left, we had the whole rest of the apartment to decorate and set up as we pleased.

Since the timing happened to line up, I asked denkimouse if she'd consider coming up to Boston and giving me some design help. She accepted, and was a huge help in choosing the layout and furniture. allinia also came along and helped with design decisions, as well as putting together all that IKEA furniture. I never could have done it without you two <3

Let's start with my main collection, Dialga!

Pokemon Toys with Dialga

This is my main Dialga wall ^_^ denkimouse had the idea that Dialga and all of the other legendary dragons could go on this wall, and I think it worked pretty well! There is still room for growth, especially up top where I hope to put my grail plush someday. Justice, my giant Dialga on the far right, is visible from a peek into the doorway~

Pokemon Toys with Dialga

Here's the left half! Only a few of the cubbies are themed, and most just have a mishmash of whatever I could get to fit there. Those two TCG binders store some of my Dialga flats - the left one holds his TCGs, and the right is full of Amada stickers, one of my obsessions I'm hoping to cover in my next post. (If you're interested in the other dragons here, don't worry, I'll get to them next!)

Pokemon Toys with Dialga

And here's the right half. the huge binder has my non-TCG non-Amada flats, which there are quite a few of! It's getting pretty full in there, especially since I've started adding ACEOs to it.

Dialga Pokemon Toys

I didn't get shots of every single cubby since I don't think everyone wants to see Dialga in that much detail, but I picked a few to show. This one has my prized stamp collection, Chupa figures, keshipoke, can badges, and calendar pages! As far as I know I'm only missing the 2010 page, but maybe there is one in the 2013 calendar too!

Dialga Pokemon Toys

Here's my Pokemon Diamond sub-collection. I try to get all of the Pokemon Diamond merch, and so far all of it I've seen has Dialga on it too, which makes it an easy choice! The collecting itself isn't so easy though, because most of these are from around the game's launch in 2006 when Pokemon wasn't so popular.

Dialga Pokemon Toys

Here are a few more Pokemon Diamond items, my Chupa and Battrio collections, and my cereal packages! (I cleaned out the cereal some time ago, don't worry.)

Dialga Pokemon Toys

Here are more figures! Did you know that Dialga has over 100 different figures? This cubby holds the Kids, zukan, soap figures, and a few others. Those flats on the sides are Wappen, iron-on patches. That little silver one in the middle is...

Pokemon Dialga Sterling Silver Figure and other Figures

The prize of my Dialga collection! He was part of a Chou Get promotion in 2007 or so, where you collected a bunch of Chou Get inserts and entered to win a sterling silver Dialga or Palkia. Only 25 of each were made! I had seen a few of them on YJ when I first started collecting Dialga, but they were pretty expensive and I didn't realize what they were, so I didn't get them right away. I eventually decided that yes, I did want to collect Dialga hardcore enough to get it, so I bought one. I haven't seen one pop up in years, so I'm really glad I bought him when I did!

Pokemon Toys of Dialga on cork board

Up above the shelf, we have the plush and some washcloths and handkerchiefs on the wall. The cork board is a new addition, as I'd seen them used on the comm and thought it was a neat idea. It was a bit of a pain to put up, but I'm pleased with how it came out! There's a good bit of room left for more customs, too.

Pokemon Toys of Zekrom

Now I'll move through the rest of the shelf. Here are my rather cramped Zekrom! As with most of the dragons, my collecting goal was a Pokedoll, all zukan, all Kids, all of the normal Tomy MC, and a pan sticker. (The pan stickers collect dust super easily, so I don't have them on display with everything else.) The lotto figure was too awesome to pass up, and I've got a few other random cuties in here too.

Reshiram Pokemon Toys

On Zekrom's mirror side is his counterpart, Reshiram! I've tried to keep these two collections as evenly matched as possible. I'm glad to see that these two are getting new Kids, as they haven't had much new stuff recently other than their Hyper Size Tomys.

Pokemon Toys of Black Kyurem, Rayquaza, Zekrom and Dialga

Below Zekrom is his…mutant ice chicken version? Black Kyurem! He's adorable, but I've tried to stick to the main items for him too. I don't have the lotto figure yet since they're easy enough to get later, but I definitely do plan to get him.

Rayquaza has a few more random items, most of which I got from lots here and there and decided to stick in my collection. Whoops, I forgot to fix the PokeCen bag in the back before taking the picture…

Oh, and those umbrellas on the left are Dialga umbrellas from the PokeCen. I've also got some Dialga clothes buckets that I forgot to include this time.

Pokemon Toys of Arceus, Giratina, and Dialga

Moving along, we have Arceus and Giratina! Since I only collect Draco Plate Arceus (with a Pokedoll thrown in because hey, it's a Pokedoll), this collection is pretty tiny. If Gen6 includes a new legendary dragon, Arceus will probably find himself with a roommate (probably Kyurem).

My Giratinas are in a bit of shadow here, but they're ghost types so they probably don't mind. The lotto figure and TRU figure take up lots of space, so it's pretty crowded in here!

Palkia and Kyurem Pokemon Toys

If I were consistent with my other collections, I'd have equal amounts of Dialga and Palkia… yeah, that's not happening. XD I've gotten a whole lot of Palkia over the years of buying sets for Dialga, but have only kept a few. I think the dynamically posed Banpresto figures (the big one in back and the smaller one by the Pokedoll) are my favorites.

Oh Kyurem, where is your Pokedoll? You poor baby. Kyurem has some pretty neat figures, but he's tricky to display because his head is usually right on the ground! Maybe I can get more if I get some stands to set them up on...

Pokemon Toys of Latias, Latios, and White Kyurem

Then we've got the Latis! As with my other "matched set" collections, I try to keep these collections matched, though it's harder in this case because some of the stuff is really rare. (I'm still after Latios's Retsuden stamp and keshipoke.)

It's not visible here, but White Kyurem lives just under his buddy Reshiram. I have his lotto figure because sakusha happened to win it while I was in Japan, and kindly sold it to me!

Pokemon Toys of Jolteon, Espeon, and Glaceon

And here is the happyjolteon Jolteon shelf!

Jolteon Pokemon Art on Cork Board

Starting from the top, we've got a cork board to match the Dialga one, though this one is much bigger. I've gotten many more Jolteon doodles than Dialga ones, probably because Jolteon is so much simpler! Many of these are actually from comm purchases a few years ago, but I may add new ones to it if I get any more! Do you recognize any of these artists?

Pokemon Jolteon Cel

The centerpiece of my Jolteon collection is my cel! I found it one day just searching for Jolteon on eBay several years ago - maybe 2003 or so? Some time when Pokemon wasn't very popular. I didn't have it properly framed until a few years ago, and I feel lucky that it stayed in pretty good shape until then. In case you're wondering, he's supposed to be off center - it's from the episode "the Ultimate Test" where he's using Agility, and he's running forward while zipping to the left and right. I also have the pencil sketch that goes with the cel, and it's stored safely away with my settei.

Jolteon Pokemon Toys

The top of my shelf holds most of my plush, most of which are pretty recent releases. The upper right cube has a Pokemon Center theme, so that's why the Pokedolls are all in there. (I know the canvas and PC plush could be in there too, but there just wasn't room!) The left wall is waiting for last year's Eevee Collection clearfile and postcard, which I have on the way.

Jolteon Pokemon Toys

To the left of that is a cubby for customs! I have a few custom plush up top too, but I liked the way these two fit in here and decided not to cram in more.

Below that is my "figures" shelf, with Kids, Tomys, and those elusive gachapon toys. I'm still on the hunt for the clear version of the FRLG Jolteon kid - he has a fully painted mane (including the back of it), and is much harder to find than the original half-painted-mane version. I think I have about 8 of the half-painted ones from trying to find the one I'm after..

Jolteon Pokemon Toys

Let's have a fuzzy closeup on some of those gachapon! The Tomys and Chupa are here too. So far I've got 5 colors of metal Jolteon and 9 colors of mini model (though I have one more, opalescent blue, on the way!) The keychain with Eevee is somewhat hard to find, and very hard to find in good condition since the paint on his mane and face wears off really easily. I managed to get one new in package, and though I kind of didn't want to open it, it looks much better than the dirty one I had before!

Jolteon Pokemon Toys

Next to the figure shelf is my "everything else" shelf of sorts.

Jolteon Pokemon Toys

It feels a little wrong to have the bell plush away from the other plush, but I prefer being able to see him clearly than up out of reach. (I'm short!) I also feel like he's less exposed in here. Next to him are some other very rare items - the AG Retsuden stamp, several dice, the Pokemon 2000 pin, and a plastic standee figure from Thailand.

Glaceon and Espeon Pokemon Toys

Below the Jolteon, I've got my fledgling Espeon and Glaceon collections. I tried collecting Glaceon a few years ago, but gave up because the competition was too much for me. Then when Eevee Collection came along, I decided to pick up some cute items of her and Espeon, because it was easy (if not cheap) to get them right as they came out. I won't be hunting down rare toys of these two (like Espeon's mascot plush) but I might get a few more items as they come out, like the I <3 Eevee UFO plush.

If there's a new Eevee in Gen6, I might have to squeeze somebody together on this shelf (though if it's a dragon, it'll have other places to go!)

Pokemon Toys Pokedolls

On the other side of the window from those guys, we have a few Pokedoll shelves! It seems likely I'll add another one (or two) above these whenever I next go to IKEA.

Pokemon Toys

Here's my shelf for my non-dragon (non-Eevee) side collections. On the sides there's a binder full of clearfiles and settei, and the wall hook has a movie theater popcorn bucket. (I think I have 2 or 3 of those now?)

Pokemon Toys of Suicune and Excadrill

My Suicune! I wanted this plush ever since I saw it on the store website (which closed in 2008) in 2000 or so. I asked for it for Christmas, but didn't get it, and when I'd saved up the allowance for it a few months later, it was gone from the site. I eventually got it several years later on YJ after quite a bidwar. Suicune isn't one of my more major collections, but I really love the look and make of this plush. It's a shame they aren't making these giant plush anymore.

Below her I've got the rest of my Suicunes (I wanted her to be close to them!), most of which were picked up either during the Zoroark movie promotion in 2010, or from pheonixxfoxx.

Excadrill Pokemon Toys

Excadrill is possibly my favorite Pokemon that really lacks in merch, though he's at least gotten some nice figures. (This collection felt a lot bigger when I had him in a smaller cube…) Thanks to the MPC line I've at least got one nice plush, but I'd really love a bigger one too. I'm thinking I'll hold out until the end of BW, and if he doesn't get a Tomy or something by then, I'll commission one.

Pokemon Toys of Zoroark

Mama foxes! The majority of these were acquired in Japan during her movie promotion, but there have been a few stragglers like the Jakks figures and new Kids. I made it my goal to get all of Zoroark's figures (and not worry about plush and other stuff unless I especially liked them), and as far as I know I'm only missing two. One is a metallic variant of the lotto figure that only 30 were made of (not competing with Japanese bidders on that, no thanks!) and the other is a cake topper figure that is made harder to find by the fact that it looks a lot like many of her other figures, especially the McDonald's one.

Lucario and Gliscor Pokemon Toys

Below Zoroark is my casual collection of Lucario, her DP counterpart of sorts. I started collecting him in honor of the Lucario on my in-game team, and then they just kept growing!

Gliscor I also collected because of a team member. He seems to have gone the same route as Excadrill in that he's in the anime, got a lot of figures, but didn't get much for plush. There is supposedly a Gliscor hand puppet plush, but I've only ever seen one photo of it, so I don't think it got much of a release.

Pokemon Toys

Near that shelf is a room divider, which separates the bed from (most of) the Pokemons. This shelf has some overflow plush, some casual collections, and lots of random things I just picked up because I thought they were neat.

Pokemon Toys of Zekrom and Reshiram

When these posable Tomy plush came out, I decided to swap out my PC plush for them. denkimouse posed Zekrom that way for me, and he's been that way ever since. Reshiram is a bit washed out by sunlight here, but being a white fire Pokemon he probably doesn't mind.

Pokemon Toys

I've grouped my cat Pokemon together in the middle here. Some of the Meowth are from the old Meowth collection I had in high school, and others are newer additions. Meowth likes the naughty girls, so I had them hang out together~

Pokemon Toys of Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar

I ended up with a lot of toys of my favorite BW starter! I like Tepig best of the line, but when I learned they were actually making PC plush of the whole line, I had to get those two as well. And the Pokedoll was too cute to resist, especially when I had the other two in the set…

Pokemon Toys

The room divider doesn't have a back, so I couldn't stack things as much as on the other shelves. I turned a few plush around that didn't fit with the others, but when I wake up or go to sleep, I mostly see a lot of Pokemon butts. Yep.

Pokemon Toys

On the mantle of our (no longer functional) fireplace are a bunch of large plushies that don't fit in cubbies! Marill and Cyndaquil are old old purchases from before I had much of a collection.

Pokemon Toys of Maractus

Here's my teeny little Maractus collection, to which I will add the MPC at some point. The messenger bag is from last year's Dragon Selection promo.

Pokemon Toys

Next to that is my second dragon shelf, for non-legendaries. I've got the rest of my Pokedolls and canvas up here…

Pokemon Toys of Hydreigon and others

As well as my big fat Hydreigon plush, who has been my travel buddy a few times. I took her to Japan to see her movie (the one with Victini, Reshiram and Zekrom too) and around the country to visit family and friends.

Dragon Pokemon Toys

On to my non-legendary dragon shelf!

Pokemon Toys of Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon

I wanted to give my hydras a prime spot since they're some of my top favorites, but apparently that spot doesn't get very good lighting. Oh well, maybe they're like Giratina and they don't mind? I've tried for Dialga-level completion of these guys (all plush, figures, flats, and others, but not everything that they share with other Pokemon), but other than Hydreigon they didn't get much. I'm looking forward to adding Hydreigon's bigger UFO!

Pokemon Toys of Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence

Next to the hydras are some more dragons that I collect hardcore! Salamence has gotten quite a bit more than even Hydreigon, and I aim for all his figures and plush. My prize here is the big European "talking" sound figure in the back, who I can't bear to remove from the packaging. Poor Bagon and Shelgon didn't get much, but I've supplemented that with some fun customs.
For these guys, I'm still looking for Peru figures (only have 3 colors), Bagon's Retsuden stamp, and other colors of the little Puchi Kyara Salamences down in front next to the Ranger pin.

Pokemon Toys of Dragons

I had a spare cubby next to that, so I decided to make it for "dragon promotion" items. I have some items from Dragon Selection that aren't here because I've been using them (the wallet and pass case), and others that are in their respective collections, but I still feel like I'm missing some things here. The Battle Carnival items were fun additions!

Pokemon Center Dragon Type Metal Charms in case

In the back there, you can see my dragon-type charm collection, which just so happens to fit perfectly in one of the Pokemon Center's cases. At least, it does until Gen6 comes along!

Pokemon Toys of Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite

Next we have the very first dragon types ever, the Dragonite line! Dragonite has so much more stuff than the other two that he gets his own cubby, and now he's getting even more thanks to the anime. (Still need to pick up the new zukan…) I'm super happy that we got the Dragonair PT plush as I really love the colors and face, but I do wish I could figure out how to have it stand up straight…
These three have the only official dragon-type bell plush, so I decided to get a set! Still would kind of like to have a MIB Dragonite to match the other two, but it's not as big a deal when they're in separate cubbies anyway.

Pokemon Toys of Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, and Altaria

More dragons! It's so sad that none of the Garchomp line got any official plush, but that will be fixed at least a little when Garchomp gets his first plush this spring! I've got a few customs to help these guys out.
My Altaria collection looks pretty tiny here, but I've got almost everything I'm seeking for her. She'll probably end up with a roommate when Gen6 dragons join the crew.

Pokemon Toys of Kingdra, Druddigon, Flygon, and Vibrava

Speaking of small dragon collections, here are Kingdra and Druddigon. Druddigon will at least be getting his MPC soon, but will poor Kingdra ever get an official plush? Maybe he'll get a PT one someday…
My Flygon and Vibrava collections include some custom Pokedolls too, since I'm not a fan of Flygon's official plush (and of course Vibrava doesn't have one). The Retsuden stamps were the hardest to find of these, but they're a bit hidden in this picture.

Pokemon Toys of Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, and Emolga

Last but not least are my Axew line and Iris collections! I don't have all of Axew's plush because there just got to be too many of them, but I'd have a hard time passing up a 1/1 or talking plush. I've got Haxorus's MPC and Retsuden stamp on the way.
I started collecting Iris mostly due to her fangirling for dragon Pokemon, though I like her personality too. There are also some Emonga here, as the only Pokemon of hers I don't have a collection of already. On the left side opposite her clearfile is Drayden's, but it's not visible here, oops!

And that's the last of it! I'm anxiously awaiting to see what dragon Pokemon Gen6 will include, and plan to collect them just as I did Gen5, if maybe a little more patiently. ^_^;

My collection site is not up to date at the moment, but I'm working on it! It should be easier now that I have the collection set up. My wanted lists are still pretty current though: non-Dialga here and Dialga here.

Thanks for reading!
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