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Sales time!

Greetings community members! Seeing as I have pokemon items I'm not interested in, and people tend to collect pokemon stuff around here, I've decided to sell some of my things! The money I make will probably go towards OTHER pokemon things! What a cycle! So come check out what I've got. You might find something you like for a reasonable price. :3

Follow cut for the sales and rules and what not.

Rules and info! Because everyone's gotta have em!

- Sales permission grandfathered byentirelycliched
- Follow all community rules.
- I can refuse to sell to anyone for any reason
- No refunds unless I personally made some sort of mistake.
- I ONLY accept paypal payments
- I ship from the U.S. and WILL ship internationally, just beware the cost of shipping!
- All prices listed are without shipping
- Shipping costs will include the cost of the item being shipped along with their shipping materials
- I will hold items for 24 hours max
- I don't normally accept trades but you can always try!
- I will take detailed close up pictures on items upon request!
- Items come as seen in the pictures so PLEASE look carefully before buying!
- When asking for quotes, please include where I'm shipping to. It helps. ;3
- Haggling is welcome, just don't abuse it. ^^;
- Questions? Please ask!

LOVED Wooper pokedoll - $30 obo
This guy has been in my collection for a long time, and he came in this very loved condition when I got him. His fabric is darkened (as seen in the picture) and you can barely see any writing on the tag. Additional pictures linked underneath.

Jolteon pokedoll 2007 US edition - $25
Mystery Dungeon Shinx plush 10 hang tag attatched but chewed on by a hedgehog :|
Shinx tag

Squirtle Charmander and Wartortle keychains - $2 each
I got these with the Raichu you see in the picture. (not for sale) They are hollow and made of soft squishable plastic. Bootlegs? I'm not really sure. :x

Shiny gold and bronze colored figures!
Meowth, Pikachu, Psyduck, Abra, Eeve
$1 each except Eevee who is $2
Pokeballs have little clips on the back. 50 cents each.

Wartortle Hasbro puzzle $1

Various turtle figures!
Left Squirtle speaks its name in Japanese. Has green markings on its tummy. $2
Tummy marks
Blastoise squirts water from its mouth! - 1
Right squirtle has major paint rubs around its mouth. When you turn a nob on its base, its head blinks red. (weird right?)

Backs and bottom

Shaymin Sky form candy catche - $3

Jigglypuff Thinkchip - $2 
Pink mark on Jigglypuff
Electabuzz and Geodude Burger King keychains - .50 cents each
Pidove Jakks figur - $1

Lapras cli - $2
Metapod clip - $1
Gen 3 starter pin - $1
Charizard buttons - $3
Charmander clip - $1

Slowpoke Magne - $2

Raichu, Flareon, Pidegotto, Meowth

Some paint rubs, also weird Raichu tail?

Eevee Squishy figure? 1999 - $3
Another picture

Catcher figures!
Axew, Darmanitan, Scraggy

These guys are TINY!
$1 each

Pokemon tape rolls - $1 each
Meowth bouncy ball - .50 cents

Meowth Metal Keychai - $2
Igglybuff, cleffa, and sentret metal charms - $2 each
Meowth wooden Meiji char - $1

Large Reshiram and Zekrom Stylu - $1 each

Gold and Silver game cas - $8

 Grimer, Golbat, Pidgeotto, Diglett, Mankey, Meowth, Persian (L), Persian(R), Pinsir, Prinplup, Crobat, Electivire, Geodude, Staravia
.50 cents each

Large Pogs $1 each
Kangaskan, Oddish, Clefairy, Magmar, Alakazam, Charmander

Size comparison

Smaller pog - .50 cents each
Clefairy, Pikachu, Dragonite, Squirtle, Onix, Gengar, Poliwhirl, Blissy, Arcanine, Scyther

Big Meiji Stickers - $2 each
Samurott, Dewott, Emboar, Reshiram
Came from stale gum packs and have pictures UNDER the stickers! Which are what Pikachu and Servine are...
Meiji stat cards - $1 each
Servine, Pikachu

Sticker Sheets - $1 each

FREEBIES! Take these away! Just pay for shipping! :x

Dirty, or just unsellable. The object next to snivy is a generic Squirtle yo-yo. 
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