devi_white (devi_white) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales time!

Greetings community members! Seeing as I have pokemon items I'm not interested in, and people tend to collect pokemon stuff around here, I've decided to sell some of my things! The money I make will probably go towards OTHER pokemon things! What a cycle! So come check out what I've got. You might find something you like for a reasonable price. :3

Follow cut for the sales and rules and what not.

On to the items!Collapse )
Tags: abra, alakazam, arcanine, axew, beedrill, blastoise, charizard, charmander, clefairy, cleffa, crobat, darmanitan, dewott, diglett, dragonite, eevee, electabuzz, electivire, emboar, flareon, gengar, geodude, golbat, grimer, igglybuff, jigglypuff, jolteon, lapras, magmar, mankey, meowth, metapod, mudkip, oddish, onix, persian, pidgeotto, pidove, pikachu, pinsir, poliwhirl, prinplup, psyduck, raichu, raticate, sales, samurott, scraggy, scyther, sentret, servine, shaymin, shinx, squirtle, staravia, torchic, treecko, wartortle, wooper
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