Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

This is like my tenth sales post over three or so years good lord I feel old now...

Hi all! I'm headed to Thailand to visit the family in a week's time, which I'm really looking forward to! However, I'm also looking forward to Thailand's cheap postal rates. :U


Purchases from my sales that are paid before the 2nd of February will be packed into my luggage and sent from Thailand! Postage is only like $4 for a small figure from Thailand instead of $12 like it usually is from Australia. :D I've lowered a lot of prices to try to move as much merch as possible since such an opportunity is unlikely to arise again!

Also I've weeded my "Waza Museum" collection, since the line appears to be discontinued. :C I'm only keeping a couple of my favourites. All the others - Hydreigon and Axew included - are up for sale!
Tags: sales
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