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My recent Venonat collection update!

Hey guys! Just thought id show you some of my recent additions to my Venonat collection.

I was also in the hospital the last week with a severe stomach flu+dehydration, I was really sick and at risk at some health complications and such and was very miserable and in pain and my husband came and visited me at the hospital and I was so touched when he gave me this card he made:

Alot of these are common cards or foils of cards I already have, the only reason I didnt have them was because I was putting off buying them in case someone wanted an easy birthday present for me or something, buuut that didnt happen so I just bought them myself :)


Now the holo card there I dont know much about, I was pretty sure when I got it it was a bootie, since i dont know many holo common cards, but it looks identical to my normal card, so I dunno what the deal is.





My raindrop chrome card :)




The last picture is a play by play squirtle that I saw at my daycare that a kid bought in for nap time, hes pretty beat up but it was cute to see!

and for those of you interested in my whole collection, heres my most recent collection post.

Not pictured: my purple venonat mini model which has mysteriously disappeared from my shelf :(

Thanks for looking!!

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