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Customs Anyone?

Hello everyone! today I have some exciting news I am pleased to announce my very first custom plush commissions slots here on Pkmncollectors :)

Before I get to into the details here's a bit of info about me and what I do. Last year I started a project of creating all of the original first generation 151 pokemon, as kind of a challenge to improve my plushie making skill. So far I think I've been rather successful so far I have made 40! However I don't wish to keep these cuties all to myself so upon there completion I put them up for sale. In fact a ton of them are still looking for new homes and can be found HERE on my sales post. :) I make my plush out of felt, because it is cheap and readily available which makes my customs are more affordable ^W^  
That being said, 
Here are some examples of some of my work

More examples can be found in my GALLERY

Sales Rules and PoliciesCollapse )
All you need to know about my commissionsCollapse )

Thanks for reading through all of my rules and guidelines :) Now that, that is out of the way I have 3 slots open so please proceed to comment here with any questions or quotes. :)

Slot 1 Typhlosion Plush for commonxrider
Slot 2: Shiny Ponyta and green eyed Charmander for jerybunny
Slot 3: Laying Luxray for devi_white

**All slots full thank you every one!*
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