steelfangs (steelfangs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions for Eeveelution Collectors! And Coming Soon!

I have a few questions for fellow eeveelution collectors! This is just to help me out with what to get and personal preferences of other eevee collectors since I'm new to collecting these uber popular lil guys.

- Do you only collect a certain (or few) of the vees or do you collect them all?
- Preferance of new Tomy or new Pokemon Center Plush?
- What will you be getting/have got from the recent 'I heart Eevee' Promotion'?
- Annnnd which type of plush is your favorite/which you prefer? (pokedoll, canvas, tomy, etc)

So this is not boring here's a few sneak peek pics of items I'm getting in the mail! Since I'm starting back up in collecting I'm going full out! XD
Clicky! ~Collapse )
I'll have actual pictures of my goodies in a week or two when I go home for the weekend! c:
Tags: absol, ampharos, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, growlithe, jolteon, leafeon, mareep, umbreon, vaporeon
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