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Intro + Collection

Hi !

     I'm on this community for 3 months and now it's time to make my first post !
 I’m a big fan of pokemon since 1999 and I really started to collect pokemon merchandise in 2011. In fact , I absolutely looooooooove plushies ! So one day, I decided to combine this 2 passions and to collect pokemon plushies ! Then, I gradually started to get interested in figures and cards.
About my plush collection, I don’t focus myself on a special pokemon or line, I just want those who please me =)
Regarding figures, I hope to gather all 649 pokemon kids and about cards, I’m mainly on eevee line and vulpix.
      You can see my entire collection on this link !   http://goupix-5.livejournal.com/
Oh, just one more thing, I’m French and I’m not bilingual, so I hope that you will understand me ^_^
Thank you for reading ! =)
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