El Woolley ( lucario ) wrote in pkmncollectors ,
El Woolley

Socky Socky (one dollar) GA!

For Soft Steps GA Postage and Extras, please click >> here << Also Pokebox Group Order status!


Socky Socky One Dollar GA!

  • A nice six day GA! Support a comm user by bidding on their items! Only two payments!

  • I received sales permission in June 2011 from dakajojo and my feedback is here.


  • Bidding will end in six days - 4th Feb 2AM GMT

  • I will ask the seller, ladylale to answer your questions. Please bear in mind timezone differences.

  • Bids will be in $1 increments and you place them by replying to the bidder above you. Misplaced bids won't count, so take it slow!

  • There will be two payments: 1. Shipping to me and your bids - 2. Shipping to you from me.

  • I get emails every time you bid. Do not delete or edit bids yourself, because I will know. Doing so will result in negative feedback.

  • Mistakes are excusable - just PM me or comment on the top thread if you need to change your bid before the auction ends.

  • Backing out of a bid after the auction ends will result in negative feedback.

Claim and other info

  • I am claiming the Lucario poster for $10 and the FF lighter for $10 - I don't know their exact worth - If you greatly disagree with the price of my claims, please contact entirelycliched , the group auction moderator. It is in the community rules that you should do this, I'm not trying to upset anyone.

  • The misc anime items will be listed at the bottom of the GA threads. You are welcome to bid on them! I know very little about them, though.


Tags: group auction
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