rarity_skye (rarity_skye) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokeball cookies!!!/wants list:p

I made pokeball cookies a week back and thaught you guys would like to see them^^ They're below the cut!

They're sugar cookie. If anyone wants to know how to make them hopefully i'll be making a step by step recipe guide on them. They're a little tricky to make but so worth seeing the finished result^^

Now the actual reason i posted:p i made an in depth, really long wants list. Right now I'm pretty much broke so if anyone actually wants to sell me any of this now i probably wont have the money unless its minor, but i thought might as well be some sort of productive.
Soo here is the link to it.
It'll always remain on my journal. I'll try to keep it as updated as possible which it will probably be all the time. I've got too much free time:p
Ciao lovelies~ ^^

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