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I finally did it - Every Friends Plush Ever!


The Checklist - As compiled from Pokemon Collectors Wikia - http://i.imgur.com/LEeP6D7.jpg
I made this checklist from Pokemon Collectors Wikia when I began the collection

Collection Time: Almost Two Years
17 Apr 2011 - 18 Jan 2013

First Plush*
Togepi (Set 5, 1998) - Obtained in 1998 when I was a child!
*Collection actively continued after my introductory post in 17 Apr 2011

Last Plush
Skitty (Set 3, 2004) - Obtained 18 Jan 2013

Estimated Cost
Still calculating o_O (I obtained many by purchasing lots & selling extras, so it's hard to tell)

Method Obtained
- eBay, Y!J, Mbok, member sales, hosting & participating in GAs, lots of patience

- 20 Sets total
- 92 plush total (not counting Repeats, see note below "A Note on Repeats")

Order Obtained
See "History" section of my collection website to see how I collected each and every one of these! (History section<-- WIP, will post again when it's completed)

Notable feats
- Did not post a wants post for any one plush (But I did mention "Wants List" updates in my sales posts)
- I had five Espeons pass through my hands o_O
- I collected two boxed sets of the Friends Plush Special (1998) mini's: one open, one minty
- I have two Satoshi/Ash's (extra was obtained in a lot)
- Yes I still have extras... to be sold....sometime soon...

A Note on Repeats
- It should be noted that all Pokemon in Set 9 (2000) are repeated in later Sets:
   * Totodile, Blissey, and Mareep appear again later in Set 11 (2000)
   * Hoppip and Smeargle appear again in Set 12 (2001)
- Other repeats:
   * Bulbasaur in Set 3 (1998) seems to appear again in Set 12 (2001)
   * Piplup in Set DP1 (2007) appears again in Set DP2 (2008)
- Most were obtained unboxed, so it was impossible to tell which set it was especially if they had the same year on the tush tag
- Thus, I decided to collect ONE of each repeating pokemon, to a: not hoarde, and b:
- I attempted seeking a 2001 Smeargle and a 2001 Bulbasaur, but every repeat to pass through my hands had only the original years of release on them (the ones they first appeared in)

Hit the jump for many, many pictures and a picture comparison with the checklist!

Extra Photos for Fun

Every Pikachu

Every Mew




Water Starters

Earth Starters

Fire Starters (sorry I forgot Cyndaquil in the picture! Boo) :'(

More Friends Plush Special (mini's)


Bookends - The First & Last collected plush :')

And last but not least, My Collection Website!

It's a work in progress, but I'll post an update when it is finished! :)
I wasn't sure if anybody had collected all the friends plush before, but I did want to create a sort of database to document each one. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Thank you for viewing, and happy collecting!
Tags: bandai, collection, mew, pikachu, plush, skitty, togepi
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