Amarokster blog! (placetohide) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amarokster blog!

Sales update, tiny auction, recent gets, snorlax question!

Hey, y'all, I've updated my sales post with some figures and some Kuji fails gets, so check it out! Everyone who's paid for things on my sales has had their packages mailed out, and I've responded to all earlier inquiries except for those who were only interested in multiple pokedolls, as I only have slooowwpookkke left.

Next, I'm auctioning off some rare mini type sticker books! I got a few of these hoping that the normal type one would have a snorlax, but my loss is your gain!

 photo 13jan3_zps3532766e.jpg

The plastic cases are a little dusty, but the stickers are in fantastic condition, especially considering they're over 14 years old.

Pics of the stickers inside.

Stickers and a few personal gets!Collapse )

Lastly, if you are the pkmncollector who won this auction:

 photo snorstrap_zpseabc38ef.jpg

Is there any way I can get you to take a picture of this when you get it? ;___; I've never seen this item before and the auction picture was really terrible, and I'd love to have a nice picture for my wants list.
Tags: auction, snorlax
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