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New gets and sales reminder

Hello again!
Just got some packages from Japan which bring me one step closer to my first complete plush generation!
In honor of the event (should be mid March) I have begun reorganizing my shelves.
I also got my mini pokedoll house (some of which are still for sale).
2013-01-26 14.39.04

Genesect Pokemon Center Plush
He won't stand up to save his life, but with a little help he can strike a pose :D
2013-01-28 21.27.50

Here is a Grail I never thought I would own!
Sandwiched between my Jirachi DX Pokedoll and my Jirachi Pokedoll is the very limited lottery prize from 2004: Jirachi Oversized Terrycloth Pokedoll!!
2013-01-27 13.37.54-2

All the new mini pokedolls!
I have to say, I like these a lot better than the other mini pokedolls that were released last year. For example, Pikachu had actual feet with stuffing instead of two peices of felt glued to his torso.
2013-01-26 14.39.40

All pics added to my site:

These plush still need a home, click the picture to visit the sales post before they're gone!

Have a great week everyone! :)
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